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What is Deadtime Stories?

If you have ever sat there screaming at the screen while watching your favourite horror flick, telling the teen girl not to go upstairs, then this is the game for you. Deadtime Stories is a live action role-play game that is set during a zombie epidemic. Using Nerf guns and foam weapons survivors must try and complete missions whilst battling tides of the undead and sometimes things that are even more disturbing. Using a very simple rule system that is explained before every game, Deadtime Stories creates the atmosphere of your favourite Zombie horror movie and allows you to test your skill at survival for yourself.


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The Resurrection Engine, The Revenant, The Slaughterhouse

Get ready for our upcoming game! It’s a completely new game with very limited spots. A limited edition hoodie is also available for pre-orders only!

Details will be released soon! Updates will be posted on our facebook event page

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