You are moving through a darkened corridor. Up ahead you can hear a wet ripping sound. You turn on your torch and you see a figure hunched in the darkness ripping chunks from your former team mate. Serves him right, the jerk ran off and left you to die. The light seems to get its attention and it turns and begin heading towards you. You have 2 shots left in your gun and a sledgehammer for back up. This should be fine. As it gets near you pop a shot in its chest. It’s down, you hold down its chest with the sledge and double tap, just to be sure. That’s it another zed down and your objective is in sight. Only a few short meters between you and the way out. But that’s when you see it. The shredded body of your former team mate begins to rise and have no shots left. It sees you now and begins closing at an alarming rate. You turn to run and as you get to the door at the end of the corridor a sound chills your blood. From the other side you can hear the moaning of several more zombies looking for flesh.

How does it work?

Our events take place in and around big empty buildings set up to provide an interesting game environment. Players are given the option when buying tickets to play as a survivor or a full time zombie. Players that wish to be a survivor  are given a chance to be a survivor in one of the 2 games run at an event. Zombies and other unpleasant creatures stalk and hunt the humans through dimly lit rooms and darkened hallways. Attacking and infecting the humans until they’ve all become undead or until the survivors complete their mission and have returned to safety. When you are not playing as a survivor you start the game as a zombie. When a game ends the previous survivors, if there are any left, join the ranks of the flesh eating undead and a new group try to complete their mission. The aim is that every player gets a chance to experience the terror from both sides.

The game is run by GM’s who keep an eye out for player safety and also herd the zombies to make the missions as challenging as possible for the humans. With several different missions to choose from the outcome depends on the human players’ daring, intelligence and survival skills. With a simple rules system to keep the game as immersive as possible players are forced to focus on surviving. Combat is done using foam-rubber weapons, guns which fire foam darts, and (in the case of zombies) bare hands. This isn’t the type of game which stops to check the rulebook: if you’re surrounded by zombies, you have to fight or run for your life.

Deadtime Stories is a mix of B-grade horror movies, team sports,  role playing, tactical combat simulations, pseudoscience and historical re-enactment of events that will hopefully never happen. But if they do, you’ll be ready.

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