June 24, 2014 admin

Base of operations

Bennett was pleased. The new batch of mercenary were actually proving to be quite useful. He was even about to pay the last group of survivors until one of them started asking too many questions. Pitty, but you can never be to careful in this line of work.

He had recently been made aware that Biochem was sending in operatives to sabotage the new facility. He had to take extra precautions now to ensure none of them made it out with any information.

With the key cards to the outer perimeter doors now located, a new base of operations needed to be established. It would need to be defended to provide a starting point for further sweeps.

The squads would need to find and locate a suitable location to defend until back up could be sent to clear the area.

The squads were split into smaller units to hopefully cover more ground, and to flush out any Biochem spy’s. It was a risk, but he hoped it would pay off.

But as soon as the First Squad opened the steel security doors they knew some thing was wrong. they tried to radio the second squad but the line was dead, this did not bode well.