Unexpected Side Effects

Dr Bennett was at his desk when the phone rang. “Bennett speaking”.

“Sir it appears we have some unexpected side effects, you are probably going to want to see this” Bennet put the receiver down and headed towards the lab. It didn’t sound bad, but unexpected side effects were usually anything but good, but he was prepared to be surprised.

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Dr. Clawses Surprise

Dr Claws was just editing his presentation notes on his latest creations. From where he sat in his office he could see the four blue barrels that contained his subjects confined and ready for transportation. He had put them into an induced comatose state that should keep them sedated until they arrived at their destination next week.

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Project X – Clean Up

Dr Bennett was pleased. The cover of the emergency quarantine centre had forced his new enemies to reveal some of their operatives. He had suspected that they may try to conceal themselves as members of the new wave of Gentec mercenary forces he had recently hired to deal with this unfortunate situation. As predicted, the temptation to get a better view of their handy work up close, proved to be too much for them to resist. Now that he knew to look for more than just Biochem infiltrators he had be able to identify similarities in their back ground

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Project X

Dr Bennet looked at the report once more in disgust before he threw it onto the desk.  Turning to the Security Officer who had just handed it to him he asked,” What do you mean they released Project X? I knew Biochem were stupid, but fuck even we weren’t prepared to field test it yet. They are a liability and now we need to clean it up before it draws too much attention.”

He opened a desk draw, reached in and drew a pistol. Turning the gun on the security officer he shot him twice in the head before he could move. The gun fire alerted the rest of the security team who were waiting in the hall. They rushed in with guns drawn. When they arrived Bennet turned to them and asked,” Who is second in command?” One of the officers slowly raised his hand, unsure if it was a good thing or not. “Congratulations you have just got a promotion, now clean up this mess and dispose of the body. Once you are done report back to me and I will instruct you as to how we are going to contain this mess.”

Bennet picked up the report again and reread it, as if somehow the information may have changed from what was there before. He knew Biochem operatives had infiltrated into Gentec’s staff, hell he had at least 60 of his own operatives over at Biochem in various roles from janitors all the way up to one member on the board. But until now he had been able to identify all of the infiltrators and he had been feeding them the information he wanted to get back to Biochem.  So somehow he had either missed one, or he had a traitor amongst his own staff, either way why would they release Project X?

Bennet Picked up the phone and entered a number, “Hello Mary. Have you read the report? Yes I know.  I need you to do something for me. I need you to release some of the test subjects infected with the LTD2 virus. Not that many. They will be able to infect enough before the local authorities know what’s going on. All we need is something to cover Project X until it is recovered or destroyed. I know, but I don’t think it is Biochem. I think we may have a traitor working for someone else. Ok, goodbye.” Bennet put down the phone and began reading the report again. He would find out who had released Project X and they would pay.

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