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Base of operations

base of operations

Bennett was pleased. The new batch of mercenary were actually proving to be quite useful. He was even about to pay the last group of survivors until one of them started asking too many questions. Pitty, but you can never be to careful in this line of work.

He had recently been made aware that Biochem was sending in operatives to sabotage the new facility. He had to take extra precautions now to ensure none of them made it out with any information.

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The Second Location

The Second Location

Dr. Bennett was reviewing the reports from the last incident. The Shades had been destroyed as had half the testing facility. The luminosity core was finally switched off and that seemed to diminish the appearance of the shadows. Every so often a white man would appear amongst the twisting corridors, but they no longer had a sense of urgency they had once displayed. However testing could no longer continue there. The damage caused eradicating the Shades had Deemed it unfit to continue until it had been repaired. But in their isolated location that could take a long time.

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Shade in the Darkness

Shade in the darkness

Dr Bennett paused the screen as a big man in riot gear entered his office. “Sit” Instructed Bennett. “Do you know why I called you?”
“Yes Sir”, replied the man. Dr Bennett waited for the man to sit before he continued. “Is it just you” He asked his eyebrows raised.

“Yes, Sir. I will, handle this myself” answered the man again.

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