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Dan and Jeff

Dan sat at his computer in the watch tower chuckling to himself. “What’s so funny? “Asked Jeff from the other desk. “I am just reading a leaked copy of the incident report from the Eastern Divisions Christmas party, it is hilarious” he replied. “Apparently the party was cut short when the Slashers brought over from Europe, woke up while being transferred into their display. They went postal and started killing everyone.”

“What is a Slasher?”Asked Jeff, “And how did you manage to get a copy of the report? Your clearance level isn’t high enough to read the newspaper let alone an Incident report.”

“You know that hot chick Angela, from admin, well somehow she got a copy and she forwarded it on to me. Apparently the Slashers were meant to be a surprise presentation from the visiting doctor from Dutch land or something. Word is his new research was going to show up that Bennett from the Military apps Division. Except it didn’t quite go according to plan.”

“Why is Angela from admin sending emails to you?”

“I have been seeing her since the security protocol training a month ago.”

Jeff just shook his head. In all the years he had worked here Dan had proven to be the dumbest but luckiest son of a bitch he had ever met. As he was trying to get his head around why a woman like her would go for a dropkick like Dan the monitor in front of him began to flash.

“What is it?” asked Dan. ”Is it more protesters on the perimeter fence?”

“I don’t think so.” Replied Jeff. “The alert is coming from the H7 exhaust vent area. If it were protesters we would have picked them up by now as that area is 7 zones in. Looks like we have a walker.”

Dan was up and at the riffle rack in an instant, he loved target practice, it was part of the reason he stayed in this boring job in the middle of nowhere. What other job allowed you to shoot at zombies every other day? Grabbing his rifle from the rack he walked over to the sliding door to the towers balcony. Using the safety rail as a brace he lowered his eye to the scope to take aim.

“God damn it!” He exclaimed.

“What’s wrong did you forget the bullets again?” joked Jeff. Dan still hadn’t worked out that it was Jeff who had removed them.

“No, it’s loaded. I know the zed. It’s Angela from admin.”

Dan and Jeff had decided to check if what Dan saw through the scope was correct.

When they reached the Zombie Angela there was no mistaking that it was her. She still wore the low cut top and pencil skirt that was her trademark style.

When she noticed the two men approaching she turned and began heading towards them, teeth barred and hands out, there was no illusions that she was just sick or that this was a mistake. She was dead, or rather undead.

Jeff reached for his side arm and was about to shoot when suddenly Dan shouted “Stop.”


“Shoot her in the leg Jeff, not the head”


“We had some good times; I don’t want it to end like this. I heard RnD is close to a cure. We could use her in the scarecrow program, and if they find a cure soon, it might not be too late.”

Poor kid thought Jeff, she was gone, and even if there was a cure it was too late for her now. But the kid had a point, they did need more zeds for the program, and looking out at that body strapped to a post would be better than some of the other things they had around.

“Ok” said Jeff and he shot her in the knee. While she was down the two men restrained her and put her in the back of the car.

Back in the tower, Jeff sat down at his desk and opened his emails. Something was going on as he had received 5 in the time since they were gone. Normally he only got one every few days.

As he scrolled down he read the headings.

Pesticide test spray for Tricola 57 scheduled dates.

Scarecrow program request update.

Gentec Industries wishes all their staff a merry Xmas and a happy New Year.

Security encrypted request level — enter pass word to continue.

Incident report form.

Jeff entered his password and read the encrypted email first.

Drawing his pistol he aimed it at the back of Dan’s head, who was sitting obliviously reading the newspaper at the desk in front. He pulled the trigger and Dan’s head exploded across the wall in front of them.

Poor kid I guess he didn’t have clearance to read the newspaper after all. Putting down the pistol he began filling out the rest of the incident report form that had been emailed to him. I guess his luck had finally run out.