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He Died of a Broken Heart

Dr Bennet pulled off his latex gloves and threw them onto the stainless steel gurney in front of him. Another failure. How could this be, he was sure it would work this time. The DNA strands were complete; he had run the tests himself just to be sure.  At first the clone looked promising. It had developed well and its cognitive tests had been successful. It was operating at an A5 Level and was able to recall everything the original host knew. That was when the deterioration began.


When Dr Bennet had begun testing the subject’s emotional memory the clone had reacted violently. First towards Dr Bennet, then to the other research staff and finally towards its self. It was only when it began self-mutilation and had to be restrained that Dr Bennet was able to discover the extent of the damage. This clone like the 2 before was emotionally scarred on a cellular level. It was if Dr Bennet himself was the trigger for their violent behaviour.


Turning from the table he walked out of the room and headed down the corridor to his office. As he entered and sat he took the picture frame of the desk in front of him. Looking back at him from under the glass was himself with what looked to be one of the clones in a wedding dress. His wife Kate.


They had been married for only 12 months, and to be fair he hadn’t been the best of husbands but he loved her. What she had done to him was only natural he supposed. His job was demanding and he was never there for her. But when he discovered she had found comfort with another man he went into a rage. He arrived home early one afternoon to discover the two of them in bed. He lost his normal cold demeanour and proceeded to beat this interloper into a bloody pulp.


His wife pleading for him to stop only fuled his anger further. And only when the man was limp and lifeless did he turn to look upon her. She was cowering in a corner covered in a blood splattered bed sheet. A look of hate and terror on her face. She was still screaming for him to stop but only now did her words make sense. She was leaving him. She had been planning it for months and now she would go to the police and he would go to jail and she would be free.


Never. She was his. And he would never let her go. He reached out to her but she moved further away. He lunged and grabbed her about the neck. He didn’t let go until she stopped screaming. But by then it was too late. He had killed the woman he loved. But he could fix it, all of it. Pulling his phone from his pocket he made a call.


They would be here soon and clean up this mess, but Kate was not to be touched. Dr. Bennet Picked her up and carried her to his car. Opening the trunk he slid her in and covered her with the bed sheet. He would make it right and she would love him again like she once did.


From the table the clone of Kate looked at Dr. Bennet as he left the room. Memories of his hands around her neck filled her mind, the terror and the pain. He had done this to her. She would kill him for it, and any one that got in her way. Then she began to scream, but this time there were no hands to cut her off. She would scream until she had killed the owner of the hands that had stopped her.