So you don’t have to remember a litany of little details and special abilities as you’re running away from a horde of undead flesh eaters, Deadtime Stories has a few simple yet important rules. With in this rule book you will find the Core rules that are the basis of The Deadtime Stories Game. These rules may occasionally be changed for a particular game or mission, but players will be informed beforehand.

Here are our 5 most important rules:

Rule 1

Be excellent to each other. We are all here to have fun and kill zombies so don’t do things that might annoy, upset or inconvenience other people before the game, during the breaks and once the game is over. Once the game begins however, then all bets are off. Just remember no one wants to be that Guy, how you behave will be remembered.

Rule 2

All players must sign an indemnity form. This form is an agreement by you the player to abide by all our safety and game rules. This must be signed before you can play. Players must be over 16 to participate. Players under 18 will also need parental consent to participate.

Rule 3

When you sign up to play the game, you agree that you will follow the safety rules at all times. We are very serious about safety and we operate a 3 strike system for people that break the rules. All Players must attend a rules briefing before their first game. Failure to do so may result in not being able to participate at the event.

Rule 4

Do not touch other people’s property without permission. Deadtime stories provides nerf guns and ammunition as well as other usable in game items and costumes. These items will be clearly marked and are available for use. Player’s private property must not be used unless express permission has been given.

Rule 5

We do not believe what we’re doing is real, and neither should you. We didn’t genetically engineer a super virus. We can’t recombine your DNA to make you an undead zombie. We can’t raise the dead, and we don’t kill people. We don’t condone that sort of behavior, and if you at any point find yourself suddenly believing otherwise, then we advise you not to attend.  If you think you might have any issues with what we do, talk to us about it before you sign up.



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