January 8, 2014 admin

Jeff Ran Through The Cornfield

Jeff ran through the corn field. He still carried his pistol even though he had spent all his ammo escaping from the tower. These Zeds were like nothing he had come across before. All the Zeds that were being used in the Scarecrow Project had managed to free themselves overnight and when he arrived for his shift this morning they been attracted to the noise of his car in the corn fields. It wasn’t until he was comfortably sitting at his desk that he noticed the alarms. He had followed the Gentec Security protocols and had begun extermination procedures but these zeds were just not going down. No matter how many times he shot them in the ridiculous hessian sack masks the RnD guys had insisted they wear, they didn’t die, or rather die again.

It was only a matter of dumb luck that he had managed to get out of the tower once they had got in. It was never intended to be a strong fortification, so as not to draw too much suspicion from the local farmers that drove by. The main complex was in fact below the very fields he was running through. His destination was one of the air circulation vents. There was an emergency exit that he hoped he could use to get inside.

Although much faster than the shambling sack heads following him, the corn field from the ground was like some twisted maze and several times he almost ran straight into the waiting arms of a Zed. Finally he found the Vent unit he was looking for and opened the emergency exit door and climbed in. Much to his horror Jeff discovered that it could not be reclosed from the inside and as he heard the snapping of corn stalks he decided it was worth the risk to leave it for the safety bellow.

If he thought the cornfield above was a maze then the twisted service corridors, air vents, electrical cables and water pipes down here was some kind of puzzle set out by Satan himself. Just when he thought he had found the emergency elevator he was confronted with another dead end, or worse an intersection in the tunnel.

He had finally a service room with a map of that level when a scraping noise caught his attention. Surely it wasn’t one of the sack heads yet, he had seen a few wandering the corridors but he had run hard and fast and they couldn’t have got here yet.

He cautiously stuck his head out of the service room and saw a small figure crouched at the end of the corridor about 10 feet away. On its head was a silly Christmas hat. He was about to call out to it when it seemed to sense him. It turned its head and Jeff saw its deformed face for the first time. He cried out in shock and its twisted features seemed to recognise his fear and what could only be described as a smile passed over its mutated flesh at the eminent kill.

Jeff jumped back into the service room and slammed the door shut and sat against it just in case. He would just have to wait here until help arrived. It would be fine he thought, just as three long white claws plunged through the door mere inches above his head. Or may be not…..