The following list is the playable classes that players may choose to play when it is their turn to be a survivor. Each class has a list of available weapon categories that the player may choose from to begin the game, some classes also come with restrictions and special rules.



“Right, you lot, get behind me. I’ll knock em down, you take em out. Hell yeah!”

A Soldier is a trained killer. A life of constant warfare weather in the armed services of some government or in the dark underworld of organised crime has made them tough remorseless killers. Pulling the trigger comes easily to these people; a zombie outbreak is like moving target practice, until the ammo runs out.

Soldiers, The nut bag with the guns and all the ammo, they are more than just a pack mule for bullets (although there are some people who will see them as such). There are many possible concepts for a Soldier; the following is a list of suggestions:

  • The veteran of many wars who had his trusty old gun ready,
  • The young hood who was in a gang, before he had to pop a cap in all their heads,
  • The doomsday prepper who was proven correct,
  • The Police officer who raided the station before running.

Soldiers may choose starting weapons from the following categories:

  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • Fully auto/ Heavy weapons

Soldiers may start the game with all their weapons loaded and a further 6 extra clips of any size they are able to carry.

A Soldier starts the game with 4 HP

A Soldier cannot wear armour





“Just shut up and let me heal him, he’s not dead yet, maybe if I cut off the bitten leg he’ll survive”

A Medic is trained in first aid, and has experience dealing with injuries. Whether they were a Doctor or a Boy Scout leader in the real world matters little when you’re bleeding out and they are the only one who has stopped to patch you up.

Medics are a vital element for any group, they are not the strongest class, but they are the only class able to heal. There are many possible concepts for a Medic; the following is a list of suggestions:

  • The bitter doctor who’s been trying to heal the dead the whole time,
  • The field medic who never wanted to see war again,
  • The guy from the office with first aid training,
  • The liar, who isn’t a medical doctor at all.


A Medic starts the game with 3 HP

A Medic cannot wear armour

A Medic has the following special rule: Healing

Medics may choose starting weapons from the following categories:

  • Pistols

Medics may start the game with a loaded pistol and an extra clip of 6 darts.

Medics start the game with (3) Med strips, once applied these strips instantly restore 3 levels of health to a player. They cannot raise a player to a higher level of health than they started the game with, but it will restore bonus levels of health that some classes have.

Med strips can ONLY be applied by Medics.

Medics may administer med strips to themselves.




“For the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”

A Believer follows the calling of a higher power. It is the strength of their conviction which lends them their power.

Believers are the spiritual lynchpin of the group, the voice of support, the unflinching stone against which evil breaks. There are many possible concepts for a Believer; the following is a list of suggestions:

  • The local pastor trying to calm his flock,
  • The retired army Chaplin,
  • The doomsayer who was right all along,
  • The recent convert (zombies will do that to people)

Believers are strong in their faith, however sometimes one must supplement faith with an axe.

As such a Believer may choose starting weapons from the following categories:

  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • A suitable large religious icon (must pass ref inspection)

Believers may start the game with their weapons loaded.

A believers Icon should be suitable for a game in which running occurs, as such glass and wood props are banned, we suggest the use of plastic and foam.


A Believer starts the game with 3 HP

A Believer cannot wear armour.

A believer has the Repel and Final Curse special rules.
In order to use these special rules a Believer MUST have an appropriate holy icon held in at least one hand, and must clearly hold it in front or above themselves. If they do not then a ref will inform the zombies that the ability has no affect and that it is dinner time.


RANGE: 2 meter radius, 180 degree arc in front of Believer

AFFECT: A believer can repel Zombies by chanting prayers, singing hymns, quoting scripture, and generally putting on a noisy display of religious fervor. While standing still a believer may create and area into which no zombie may enter, while those with in 2m are pushed back. But you have to keep talking (or singing) on a religious theme. It can be from any denomination or religion you want, but the effect ends as soon as you stop.

Final Curse

RANGE: 2 meter radius centered on the Believer.

AFFECT: Believers can perform a suicidal weapons-grade exorcism on creatures that are about to kill them. If you’re a Believer and you think you’re about to die, you can shout “The Lord strike you down!” – The effect is devastating on any zombies within a 2mt radius; however the attack also reduces you to a smoldering corpse (you cannot be healed with a med-strip).

Note: While we would hope it goes without saying, anyone playing a deliberately racist, sexist or bigoted “comedic” Believer will be asked to leave, with no refund given.



“They were everywhere! What the hell’s going on, what the hell is going on! They killed my friends and I think one of them bit me!”


A survivor is just your everyday regular Joe. Caught unawares during the outbreak survivors are still alive due to a mixture of instinct and dumb luck. Whether they were out of a populated zone or they hid inside peeking out from the curtains at the devastation on the street during the outbreak is irrelevant.

Survivors are those lucky few who have survived; this is their only real reason for being alive. They fill the role of cannon fodder in the group, ducking in to pin zombies and hoping they don’t get bitten. There are many possible concepts for a Survivor; the following is a list of suggestions:

  • The guy who hid while his family died,
  • The girl who pushed her date into the swarm then legged it,
  • That arsehole who was drunk through the whole thing,
  • The hospital patient who was left behind and somehow survived despite everything that was happening,

Survivors may choose starting weapons from one of the following categories:

  • Pistols, rifles, hand weapon or two handed weapon

Survivors may start the game with their weapon loaded and an extra clip of 6 darts. If they don’t have a gun they may still have a clip of spare ammo.


Survivors have no special skills or training to help them deal with this situation. However what they do have is foresight to scavenge things that might prove useful to fend of the zombies.

A Survivor starts the game with 3 HP

A Survivor cannot wear armour.



Martial Artist:

“No I do not ‘know Kung Fu’, but I do know how to put this sword into that things brain”


A Martial artist is a close combat specialist; they range from medieval re-enactors or riot police, all the way to ninjas. Years of hand to hand combat training have improved their reflexes and taught them skills that aid them in close combat fighting. Training with specialised equipment also allows them to use these items unencumbered.

Martial Artist are a Strong support element for any group, capable of holding zombies at bay and pinning while others finish them off. There are many possible concepts for a Martial Artist; the following is a list of suggestions:

  • The visiting monk,
  • The riot cop who just wants to get back to the station,
  • The super-secret ninja.

Martial artists may choose starting weapons from the following categories:

  • Pistols
  • hand weapon
  • two handed weapon,

Martial artists may start the game with a loaded pistol and an extra clip of 6 darts

A Martial Artist may choose to not start with a pistol and use a second small hand weapon instead; if this choice is taken they will also not be able to take any extra ammunition.


A Martial Artist starts the game with 3 HP (4 HP with armour)

A Martial Artist can wear armour and use a shield

A Martial Artist has the following special rules, Armour and Shields



While a full suit of chain mail may be more of a hindrance that helpful when you’re running from a horde of hungry Zombies, a bullet proof vest can protect you from more than just becoming lunch. A martial Artist may wear armour that covers the torso. If the player has the required piece of costume then they gain one extra level of health.


Close combat has developed for centuries but one thing has remained true, if your opponent can’t hit you then you will survive longer. A martial artist may use a shield if they have the appropriate item.

A Shield can stop both melee attacks and bullets. However unlike bullets that travel in a relatively straight line zombies can attack above and below and around a shield. Martial artists must be careful not to strike zombies with their shields. Shields cannot be used to pin a zombie or to strike another player regardless of its construction. Shields should be made of foam, all shields must pass inspection before use.




“have you seen my hat my hat will protect me they don’t want to eat your brains they want to take them for the government it’s the governments fault you know wanting to know the best way to sell us toilet paper so they send out their friends to take our brains so they know our choices but my hat protects me it has a torch on it”


Whether it was due to issues before the outbreak or just not being able to cope with the fact that the dead now walk the streets feasting on the living, some people just crack. Crazies are deranged individuals with severe mental issues. They might be escapees from mental institutions or survivors of zombie attacks that are now suffering from severe mental psychosis, either way they are just not right in the head.

Crazies are a questionable element in any group, they are the guy who lived, the nut job, the hallucination, but they are always more than just “zany crazy”. There are many possible concepts for a Crazy; the following is a list of suggestions:

  • The guy who hid in a freezer at McDonalds for 3 weeks,
  • The guy who was eating flesh before it became hip,
  • The doomsdayer who was right all along,
  • The recent convert (zombies will do that to people)


Crazies may choose starting weapons from the following categories:

  • hand weapon
  • two handed weapon
  • Fully auto/ Heavy weapons

Crazies start with whatever clip or belt fits into their gun and no extra ammo.


A Crazy starts the game with 4 HP

A Crazy cannot wear armour.

A Crazy has the Irrational fear, Numb and Shakes special rules


Irrational Fear

RANGE: Yourself and one other

AFFECT: The Crazy must pick either a zombie, npc or fellow player who they are irrationally afraid of. Whenever they see their chosen target they must react in some mentally unstable way. They can scream and flee, drop into a catatonic state, or snap and unload everything they have at them as some options.



RANGE: Personal

AFFECT: Crazies are severely dysfunctional people, some have completely shut down parts of their mind to shield them from the horrors they have experienced. This numbness also affects other senses which allow crazies to push through pain that would stop other people. Crazies start the game with an extra level of health 4hp, this bonus level does not need to be role-played once it is lost to represent the tough nature of these individuals.



RANGE: Personal

AFFECT: Due to either a mental tick or just barely suppressed rage Crazies find it extremely difficult to aim and therefore pointless in firing most guns at all. The only weapons that Crazies can use in the game are from the fully auto/Heavy weapon category, because even they couldn’t possibly miss with one of those? However once the begin firing it is often hard for them to stop.