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Shade in the Darkness

Dr Bennett paused the screen as a big man in riot gear entered his office. “Sit” Instructed Bennett. “Do you know why I called you?”
“Yes Sir”, replied the man. Dr Bennett waited for the man to sit before he continued. “Is it just you” He asked his eyebrows raised.

“Yes, Sir. I will, handle this myself” answered the man again.

Bennett knew the Guard were good, but even He didn’t expect this level of confidence from the G.U.A.R.D Commander. He was impressed. It would be a shame to lose such a man but in this instance he didn’t have his usual trepidation on the man’s survival chances.
“Good, Here is what you are looking for” Bennett turned the monitor around so the man could see the still image on the screen. All He saw was darkness, and two tiny pin points of red light. The man’s expression moved only so slightly where a lesser man might have looked confused. Bennett clicked on the filter he had developed to lighten the image. The entire back ground image looked as if it were merely overcast, rather than pitch black.  All of it except the black figure standing there with the red eyes.

“These entities are code named Shades. They are somehow related to the Luminosity core and the White men and Shadows. They were first encountered a few weeks after our initial attempts to recreate the experiment with the luminosity core. So far we know that the White men are some sort of inter-dimensional shadow left by the men and women lost to the Luminosity core. Somehow they exist in another plane and what we see are residual light signatures.

The shadows are a different story all together. Unlike The White men the Shadows exist in this dimension and are some sort of condensed darkness. At first we thought the two beings were linked, however we have witnessed Shadows attaching themselves to other beings, and functioning in the same way as they did with The White Men. We have witnessed test subjects discover a way to destroy them. It was actually quite inspired. We will give you all that information in your premission dossier.

But the next thing is the real threat. The Shades. They appear to be a coalescent entity made of pure darkness. Now forgive the cliques but these things are evil. They do not appear to need to feed on their victims, but rather they lay in wait and kill for the pure opportunistic thrill of it. We have not yet worked out how they kill their victims and it is over so quickly that we have not been able to discover any weaknesses.  But they need to be stopped.

They are interfering with our testing as they are killing indiscriminately and we have lost several key assets that they have also attacked. I need you to find them all and destroy them. We have modified a version of the MW2 night vision goggles to be able to pick up their unique signature. Use them to locate the Shades and then destroy them if you can. “

The man considered his reply carefully before responding. “Sir this is a suicide mission. And I am fully aware of that. Hopefully my actions in this operation may absolve me somewhat of my previous indiscretions. After the Sardonicus incident I am loath to waste any more lives from the Guard. But I will at the very least need a distraction.”

“That can be arranged. I will have the dossier sent to your quarters and the goggles will be ready as soon as you are.” Bennett turned to the screen as the big man stood, saluted and walked out. He knew it was a tough mission but Bennett had sent him in to worse. And at least this time he was giving him a diversion.