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The Luminosity Core.

Dr Bennett put down the file. “The luminosity Core” he said out loud.

“The what?” Asked Dr Strauss as she walked into the office with another box of files.

“The white men have something to do with the Luminosity Core.” He replied.

“Sure, but what is it?” She asked.

“In the 50’s the US military funded a project to develop a way to make their battle ships invisible. Apparently on the day of testing something went wrong and the ship disappeared.”

“What do you mean disappeared? How does a battleship disappear?” Asked Strauss.

“Apparently the experiment caused some sort of temporal distort meant and the ship was lost to space and time. Reports suggest there have been sightings of it across the world. It was code named the Philadelphia experiment.

After that the US government cut off the funding and the project was shelved. That’s where we come in. The Gentec board decided to fund the research privately.

So for the next 3 years the team redefined the project and developed the luminosity Core. The theory was that with enough antigravity caused by powerful negative magnetic energy you could bend light around an object and effectively see what is behind it.

All the preliminary tests on small objects were proving positive and the team working on it were prepared to test it on something larger. As they began the test to hide a car they noticed a problem. The enormous amounts of energy required to power it was more that the internal power source could provide so the plugged it into the main Gentec power grid.

The massive increase in power caused an explosion and the entire west coast facility was sent into lock down to contain the experiments until power could be restored.

It was several hours before the security teams got to the site of the experiment. But when they got there all they found was the flashing Luminosity core. The team, the car, and all the equipment in the room had disappeared.

Month’s later staff began reporting random sightings of white men, but none of the reports were ever substantiated. ”

“Wow” exclaimed Dr Strauss.”That is some serious X files shit right there. But what does any of that have to do with us? That happened 50 years ago, halfway around the world.”

“We received the luminosity core for archiving about a month ago. The same time the reports of the white men began. The problem is its still on.”

“What? How is that possible?” Asked Strauss.

“The internal power core was never switched off, as everyone who knew anything about it had disappeared. And no one wanted to take the risk of powering it on again. We need to move it to a secure location and power it off.”

“Who would be stupid enough to do that?”

“Oh I have my means “and with that Bennett picked up his phone and made a call.