June 5, 2014 admin

The Second Location

Dr. Bennett was reviewing the reports from the last incident. The Shades had been destroyed as had half the testing facility. The luminosity core was finally switched off and that seemed to diminish the appearance of the shadows.  Every so often a white man would appear amongst the twisting corridors, but they no longer had a sense of urgency they had once displayed. However testing could no longer continue there. The damage caused eradicating the Shades had Deemed it unfit to continue until it had been repaired. But in their isolated location that could take a long time.

It was time to move the testing to a more central location. Gentec had done an initial Risk assessment and originally it had been deemed too costly should there be an outbreak. However with some coaxing by Dr Bennet, the risks were now deemed to be higher but so too were the payoffs. They were so close to weaponising some of their assets that they could afford to take some chances. It was time to reopen the second location.

The main part of the facility had been sealed soon after the initial effects of the LTD2 virus were discovered. Currently the outer parts were used mostly for storage. It contained the remanets of several failed projects and experiments that were too valuable to destroy. But were not important enough to keep at the primary facility.  The whole facility would need to be swept clean to ensure that testing could begin again with out any unplanned anomalies.

He would need to send in some advanced teams to clear it out first. But that was the easy part. He had deemed it an unnecessary risk to try to transport the psycos until the facility was secure.  They had been secured in a concrete bunker for the time being and they would have to just remain behind until it was clear to move them.

Initial surveillance of the site had shown low level activity. But that could be attributed to the zombies being in a state of dormancy. Only god knows how many staff had lost their lives there in the initial stage of the outbreak. It took several years and billions of dollars to cover it up and replace the staff they had lost. Other disturbing things that were reported were a series of opened barrels. Some were identified as Tricola 57, others had no discernible markings, but the large scratches along the sided told Bennet what they may have once contained. Weather they were full when they arrived or not could only be discovered one way.

It would be a challenge, but the risks were worth it.