March 24, 2014 admin

The White Man Anomaly.

Dr Bennett replayed the video again. Yes he could definitely see it this time. In the corner of the hallway was a transparent white figure. It was staring directly at the camera as if it knew he could see it. When the test subjects came near it they would react to it in various ways. Some would run away in terror, others would try to communicate with it to no avail. But one or two seemed to understand it and follow some unheard directions. Often the result was a homicide. But reviewing the subject’s case file it appeared that they may not have heard any instructions after all, rather they enacted the latent homicidal tendencies they already possessed. Regardless of their reaction he was sure they could see them.
The question that remained now is what were they? The theory put forth by the research team handling this project was that these were The White Men. After studding the CCTV recordings they had also noted that each time the luminosity core was activated, The White Men became less transparent. Unfortunately they had not worked out how this affected the entities and what the connection between the two was. It was noted however that this could potentially cause a problem. If these White Men became fully corporal what would they be capable of?
Bennett watched the final video from the testing. This was the one his team had flagged as being the most important. At the 7:16 mark one of his team had recorded another anomaly. Not only were they beginning to record several of these White Men, in this recording they recorded something else. Bennett could make out several transparent white figures as reported, and when the video got to the 7:16 mark he paused it to see this new anomaly. What the hell was that? He stopped the video and played it back again. In this video one of The White Man is actually moving, that in its self was new. But what was most disturbing was that it appeared to be casting a shadow.
Bennet continued to watch as the shadow followed The White Man. It appeared for all intents that the White man did in fact now cast a shadow. That was until the shadow stopped following the White Man and turned and looked at the camera instead.

Bennett almost jumped from his chair. He had witnessed some terrible things in his time but the hollow eyes of the shadow looked straight into his soul. Its jerky movements were the complete opposite of the ominous White Men.

At this point he needed answers. He picked up a pen and in a flourish he scrawled his signature on the authorisation papers. They would continue testing the luminosity core until he knew what was going on.