March 24, 2014 admin

What Hides in the shadows?

The Subject stood there transfixed by the White Man. Its head was tilted to one side as if thinking and then slowly it began to shake. “No, what do you mean no” screamed the subject. “I did as you asked now show me the way out of here”. The white man stopped shaking its head and stood there motionless. “I did everything you asked, you told me who needed to be purged and I did it without question, and now when there is no one left alive but me why won’t you tell me how to get out.”

The Subject drew out the crowbar he had found in the maintenance room and went to swing it at The White Man. As he got close enough to reach it a black hand shot out of the darkness and grabbed his wrist. He could feel its icy cold grip burn his flesh, just when he could not take the pain any longer the grip loosened and he was released.

The Subject pulled back his hand and rubbed at the red mark that was left on his wrist. Perhaps this was not a good idea after all, the Shadows had got restless and were now more aggressive than before. As far as he knew no one had managed to stop the Shadows from causing harm. There was one guy, some sort of military type dressed in camo pants who was boasting about destroying one, but The Subject never got the details before he caved the guys head in with a crowbar. He hated boasters.

The Subject turned to leave. As he walked down the corridor he didn’t notice the 2 glowing red eyes watching him from the darkness. He turned the corner and heard the distant moans of the zed heads; the gun he had found was out of ammo, so his only escape was to run. If the White man wouldn’t help him he would find his own way out.

The door at the end of the hall swung open and shambling shadowy figures began to fill it. He backed up towards the darkness of the hall way wall and he felt a weird electrical static raise the hair on the back of his neck. Just as he was about to turn around to investigate the cause the Darkness enveloped him and he disappeared into a black mass. All that was left of The Subject was the echoing of his screams on the corridor walls.

The zombies hearing the screams moved faster down the corridor only to find nothing but darkness and two glowing red eyes.