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Who Are The White Men?

A man was sitting in an interrogation room. In front of him was seated another man dressed in a white Lab coat with a Gentec logo. “So tell me Shaun what did you do when you came across the subjects infected with the LTD2 virus?” Shaun visibly flinched as the Gentec man spoke to him. He looked as if he had only just realised that someone was sitting in front of him.

“What did I do?” he repeated.

“Yes Shaun, what did you do when you came across the infected staff?” asked the Gentec man again.

Shaun took a long drink from the Styrofoam cup in front of him and began.

“At first we thought it was going to just be a cleanup mission. We had to keep an eye out for a Dr. Strauss, but odds were good that she was just another one of the corpses littering the floor. Whatever had happened here had been brutal and bloody. We could hear someone crying so we decided to follow it. We were just coming down a flight of stairs when one of the group called out from in front. He had found the doctor. She was hiding in the ladies toilets. But she wasn’t crying. In fact we still don’t know what he was doing in there, but he struck me as a bit of a perv.

With the Dr in tow we continued to check out the crying. The crazy bitch Dr told us not too, but she didn’t want to be left alone so she came along any way. We got to a large hallway and we could hear the crying coming from the other end. The corridor was littered with bodies. Some had had limbs ripped off, and some were torn to bloody shreds.  Jones kicked one just to be sure it was dead. We all laughed at him, of course they were dead it wasn’t a movie.

But boy were we wrong.

We had made it to the end of the corridor and Greg was first through the door. As we began filling through the Dr really began getting worked up. In the end she began running off through another entrance.  Jones and I decided to follow her and try and calm her down. We had barely made it halfway down this new corridor when we heard an ear piercing scream from somewhere behind us. It made my hair stand on end.

While me and Jones were tiring to decide whether to continue after the Dr or head back to the group we saw it. A woman lying in front of us began to move. I was about to check and see if she needed first aid when Jones put his hand on my shoulder. He told me to stop and to keep moving. When I turned too looked at him to ask why, he was white as a sheet. It has no legs, is all he kept saying. At first I didn’t know what he meant but when I turned back to the woman I saw that he was talking about her.

She had had her legs ripped off and was slowly clawing her way across the floor towards me. As if by instinct I pulled my revolver out and blew her head off. The gun shoot echoed of the walls. That’s when we noticed the few corpses we had passed were stirring.

And in the distance again I could hear shouts and gun fire. Whatever was happening was happening all over. Looks like the Dr was right after all, we needed to get out and fast. And that is when the scream happened again.

The woman I had just shot in the head began to stir. That was our queue and we bailed. As we turned the corner at the end of the corridor, there was a bang and Jones who was in front of me lost half his face. I had to dive to miss the next round and I ended up at the Dr’s feet. How she had got a shot gun was anyone’s guess but it was pointed at my head so I didn’t move. She told me to get up and together we began heading towards the end of the corridor.

As I got to the door the Dr began entering the code to open it, they had locked us in whit these things. Bastards. The door at the far end of the corridor was pushed open and Greg ran through firing wildly behind him. On his tail was a whole horde of these moving corpses and in the middle looked to be a bride or something.

Greg had made it most of the way along the corridor when the bride screamed. All the corpses who we had just put down began to rise again. In fact it was Jones with half a face that caught Greg’s foot and made him trip. They were all over him in an instant, tearing and clawing. I wanted to help him but it was too late. And that’s when I saw it. Standing to one side of the corridor was this man.

He was dressed head to foot in white with a white mask over his face. He didn’t move but I could feel his eyes on me. I can’t remember what he was wearing exactly but it was all white, and the corpses completely ignored him. It wasn’t until he turned and walked away that I realised the Dr had opened the door and left me, I managed to get out and slam it shut just as the first of the corpses got there.

As I continued to run I could hear the bride screaming in the distance. But it was ok, I was out of there I was safe.”

Finishing his water Shaun put down the cup and looked at the Gentec man.

“Interesting” said the Gentec man. “The CCTV footage confirms much of your story. However we have no evidence of any man dressed in white. We can clearly see you stoping and looking at the wall as Dr Strauss enters the code, but it appears you are just looking at the wall.”

“No” Yelled Shaun, “They are real.”

“They?” asked the Gentec man, “But you only mentioned seeing one.”

“When I was in there I only saw one, but now I see them everywhere. And they are different. They all wear white but they are not the same.” Shaun was beginning to shake, his arms were tensing and relaxing so fast it looked like he was having convulsions.

The Gentec man motioned to the GUARD standing behind Shaun. With a swift motion The GUARD smashed the butt of his riffle into the back of Shaun’s head. Turning to the camera the Gentec man begins to talk.

“As you will see from the file footage there is no indications of any White man that the subject is referring to. It is my belief that he is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. I suggest we give him a complete memory wipe and send him thorough the test again. As this is the third time he has survived while the rest of his party has been unsuccessful we feel there must be something we are missing with his DNA screen testing”.

Dr Bennett stoped the video he was watching. He made some notes and then put his pen down. “The white man” where had he heard that before.